About Us

We’re rooted in Hermantown history — get to know us and become a member!

About Hermantown FCU

Hermantown Federal Credit Union was founded in the heart of the Hermantown community in 1943. We were opened to serve members of the Duluth Homestead Association and patrons of the Hermantown Community Store with members reaching 2,371 in 1965. Today, Hermantown Federal Credit Union now proudly serves nearly 20,000 members in St. Louis, Carlton, and Douglas Counties.

With locations in Hermantown, Duluth, and Superior, we are a financial institution of people helping people. We care about the communities we serve and love giving our members the financial education they need to thrive and encourage saving to build economic security for themselves and their families. At all levels of our operation, we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

One of the benefits of membership at Hermantown FCU is unique, industry-leading services and products. We offer free Kasasa® checking, fully protected loan packages, and home mortgage loans, just to name a few. Members can also enjoy many other money-saving and convenience-oriented advantages and benefits. Begin your membership today! 

Monthly Hermantown FCU Board Meetings effective July 2016 have been moved to the last Tuesday of each month, with the meeting starting at 2:30pm.