Nowadays, hiring a secret photographer to capture the proposal has become greatly popular. Opting for this method can help you and your significant other to always take a look back at this particular special memory you both once had. But this planning could be a bit stressful since you need to thoroughly plan for it so that you can hide what you’re planning. Here are some concepts of secret proposal photoshoots you can use according to the best photographers Lincoln

Paparazzi style 

Thankfully, other creative individuals are able to conceptualize some brilliant ways for this to be successful. A paparazzi-style photoshoot is the first option you can opt for. In this concept, your photographer will pretend to be a tourist or blend in with the crowd while carrying a camera and capturing random sights. This idea works fine in locations that are extremely popular, like city centers or tourist spots.  

Keep it cool 

One of the options you have is to arrange a usual photoshoot with your significant other. But, you must not let him/her know that you’ll be proposing this time. This idea is great for those individuals who would like some privacy while they propose. 

Hide and seek 

The last option but not the least concept is not greatly suggested since some work great. But you can also try to hide your photographer behind something or in a bush just to take a picture of the surprise an actually intimate place.  

Here are some of the tips on what to do during this important moment: 

You must already be aware of how this special day works. You will get down on bended knee and ask the question. However, we have here a few tips that you must consider to make the secret photography and proposal to go as smoothly as possible:  

Take it slow 

Once you start to get down on one knee, ensure that you won’t rush this time. Rather, it would be best for you to take your time and be in that position for a little while for you and your significant other to entirely soak it all in. Also, you can help the photographers to get more chances to capture the best shot for the surprise.  

The ring is the priority 

It is already a given that your hands must only have the ring alone. Refrain from holding a camera or a phone once you get down on one knee. Otherwise, you could fumble and they could get in the way. Aside from that, they do not look great in the pictures. The greatest pictures would be you grasping the ring box or holding the ring. Remember that the main character of this photoshoot is you, your significant other and the ring

Keep focused 

Hopefully, it should not be difficult to maintain your focus on your significant other. However, you might be enticed to look at the photographer often. As much as possible, refrain from doing it so that you won’t ruin the spontaneity of the moment. Rather, you must relish at the moment by holding, kissing, and hugging each other.