The moment you decide on how you’ll propose to your special someone and how you would prefer the moment to be captured, you’ll have to begin collaborating the secret proposal with the photographer you selected. You have to guarantee that you’ve got all the information worked out for the plan to go as smoothly as possible. Together with the photographer, you must discuss the location options. After deciding on a particular place, you have to talk about the precise spot and how you would like to stand and position yourself during the proposal. This way, the photographer can ensure that all the details and the background are picture-perfect! Here are some of the tips upon arranging a secret proposal photo shoot with your photographer: 

Agree on a specific spot 

It is greatly suggested for you to be clear about the exact spot where you will do the proposal. To prevent any confusion, you can use a print screen from Google street view. 

Set the time 

After finalizing the proposal’s location, you’ll need to ensure that the photographers are aware of the specific time you plan to ask the question to your special someone. You’ll have to collaborate with your photographer on this trip. Make sure that you listen to his/her sentiments about your plan, and vice versa, so that you can guarantee that you’ll have the greatest lighting for your pictures. A lot of photographers will recommend you to propose during the sunset if you want to achieve the best lighting, which is the best since that is already an extremely romantic ambiance. 

Share the details 

Ultimately, you’ll need to guarantee that the photographer has already seen some pictures of you and your significant others for him/her to recognize his/her supposed subjects in this shoot. It would be beneficial once you allow him/her to be aware of what you’ll be wearing. If you can keep this a secret, you must have the means to let your photographer know on that special day. This allows him/her to know what you’ll be wearing and if everything’s moving based on what you’ve planned. 

There are a lot of vital decisions that you should make in terms of a proposal. After selecting the ring, one of the most vital decisions to make would be the location. You will need to think about what will appear great in the background since this will be one of those most memorable times in your life that needs to be perfectly captured.  

Aside from that, you have to decide what you will be wearing. Since this day is really important in your life, you should guarantee that you and significant other are both nicely dressed. You’ll need to guarantee that you look neat and refrain from wearing clothing with plenty of colors or one that has huge signs or random advertisements.  

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